A plea to the scissors

You probably know the situation: you are looking for a pair of scissors and you can not find any - or even better: if you finally found them in some drawer, you are struggling with cutting off that "something". And yet you always use exactly this one blurred or even sticky pair of scissors and put them back in the drawer or "somewhere" - to ensure that next time they are looking for exactly the same.

Why are we doing this?

Simply explained, we often pay in everyday life something as "banal" as a pair of scissors just too little attention. And that's quite absurd, because think about how often you can reach for the scissors! Whether in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the office, wrapping presents or crafting - the scissors are one of the most important hand tools (and also one of the oldest) in our households and deserve a bit more attention.

And of course, if you think about it for a moment, you'll soon realize why it does not work in the drawer with this one pair of scissors. Because: For example, have you ever tried to cut your fingernails with a pair of household scissors?

And maybe you already got something from the "cleanup hype"? I guarantee you: if you start to create order and the right scissors in their respective places, so that you can find them again and again and use them with love, then you will make that a little bit happier and happier! And anyway: think about it - how important this little instrument really is:

How about cutting out an article from the newspaper without scissors, shortening fingernails and nails, or would we all be running around the world with long hair? What would some artists be without scissors? Would we otherwise only have bags without a ribbon under Christmas tree at Christmas? Quite apart from that, the Christmas goose needs its poultry shears! What would the dog hairdressers do? And how should we accurately cut the manes of our horses? Would we then painstakingly cut open all sorts of packaging with the knife and get our hands on it? How about if your own children can donate anything homemade for Mother's Day or birthdays, because tinkering is almost impossible without scissors ?!

Would there be patterns, clothes and haute couture? And would it even be possible to sit on sofas and beds with accurately cut and stitched edges? How would you as a doctor in the operating room or in practice handle without scissors? What about florists or gardeners? Would we have played scissors, stone, paper earlier in the schoolyard? And all the nice phrases: Would we cut off or talk about a new phase of life? Or would there be a gap between poor and rich? 

You could go on forever! One thing is for sure: scissors are true everyday heroes and although they are generally given little appreciation, our everyday life without scissors would look very different. And we work every day to make everyday life a little easier for YOU: We love our craft - and produce scissors for almost any purpose. And since 1886. All the best, yours